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Hair Testing Drug Panel Descriptions

Hair Testing for Drugs

100% Accurate and can not be adulterated!!!

Why use any other drug detection method when a
three month history
of use and accurate results are crucial?

All client information is Private and Confidential

There are so many statements on hair/drug testing which are not accurate. The most utilized method of testing for drugs is thru urine specimens. Unfortunately, urine can be adulterated. Hair testing does not have this problem. Many people will try to perm their hair, cut it short, bleach or dye it - all to no avail. Hair/drug testing holds up in court!!!

Quest Diagnostics provides a "Drug Testing Index™" once a year. The current report can be seen at here. The following examples compare positivity rates between urine and hair testing. As you can see, positivity rates for hair testing are far superior to those for urine testing:

The difference from 2012 to 2013:

Random testing programs in the U.S. workforce:
  Positivity rates for urine testing:   1.4% to 1.5%
  Positivity rates for hair testing:   6.3% to 9.1%
Pre-employment testing programs in the U.S. workforce:
  Positivity rates for urine testing:   1.7% to 1.8%
  Positivity rates for hair testing:   4.7% to 6.0%

Hair testing is a simple process. The donor just needs to show up at the collection site with a CCF (Custody and Control Form) and a picture I.D. The collection process is quick and assures that the hair is, indeed, from the correct donor. Drug Test Consultants will provide you with a hair collection kit (for collection site use) as well as the proper CCF. Several thousand collection sites exist throughout the United States.

Drug Test Consultants of PA uses Quest Diagnostics, the nation's leading provider of diagnostic testing services for all of their lab work. Quest Diagnostics has a combined network of over 3,000 Patient Service Centers throughout the United States. Its labs routinely do hair, urine and saliva analysis (DOT as well as non-DOT).

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